Workspaces 3.0

Workspaces 3.0

The environment in which we live describes ourselves.
A theory that applies to both our private and public spheres; in fact, the principles and values that inspire us are clearly visible by the way we design and plan our workspaces.

More and more companies today incorporate different types of spaces within them: users can choose between offices, relaxation areas and meeting areas according to their specific needs. Known as Activity Based Working, this trend is the result of the organizational changes occurred in the managing of workplaces, and responds to the increasing need for dynamism and mobility.



Well aware of the importance of an innovative office as a strategic center of productivity, collaboration and growth, many companies have set themselves the goal of developing a more motivational working environment.

For this reason, the key factors in designing a workspace have become flexibility, the interaction between colleagues and the physical and psychological wellness of people.

But what trend is expected in the future? It could be the People Based Working or Healthy Office: companies will invest in human capital and new workspaces will be designed with special attention to employee creativity and health, keeping ergonomics as the main focus. All the most important choices – such as designing the premises, furnishing the rooms, selecting the right furniture and accessories that allow for a healthy posture, implementing the correct procedures for the use of technological equipment – we make them with the wellness of people in mind.

The chair is an essential feature in any workplace or study and, especially in cases of sedentary work, it is very important to choose the most suitable ergonomic chair. The distinctive features? Self-weighing, synchronized and oscillating components and mechanisms, comfortable and practical devices that allow you to adjust and recline the seat; some models are even designed to counterbalance the static nature of the sitting position and accompany the body’s movements.

Workspace 3.0? The space for people!


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