Research and development

Guarantee and concreteness

We develop, prototype and industrialize with promptness and flexibility.

We know the importance of listening to our customers and to the feedbacks coming from the market. Our reasonable size allows us to face new challenges flexibly and responsively.

Over the years, this mentality has allowed us to establish solid commercial bonds with many of our customers, who consider us as a valid partner for developing their ideas.

01 Technical department


One of our key strengths is the ability in developing technical products.

We have an internal department that carries out research/development projects and design activities, all supported by a tooling department dedicated to prototyping and mold building.

The specific skills in this field allow us to achieve high levels of product customization, co-design collaborations, or realization of products based on a design or a sample provided by the customer.

02 Precision molds

O.M.S. is specialized in the cold forming of metal sheet.

Many of our molds are built in our tooling department, which is equipped with latest-generation cutters and grinding machines.

However, the human factor always remains the winning point: the high experience of our staff brings added value to every designed mechanism.

03 Industrialization

Process automation

Automated processes are a guarantee of continuity of the Quality Standard over time.

We use first-choice steels, complete with certificates and traceability of the castings.

A high daily productivity is guaranteed by robotic equipments and is constantly supervised by our technicians.

We have an epoxy powder coating system to complete the finishing of our products.

04 Quality control

We are ISO 9001 certified; we use control plans in all our production phases.

The assembly of all our mechanisms is carried out within our factory and ends with an inspection of 100% of the production.

We label each mechanic produced with a serial number, for a traceability of our items over time.

We have an internal testing laboratory for continuous sample testing of the products being processed, while we use bodies such as Catas and LGA for obtaining certifications according to the standards required by the market.

05 Logistics

We have created a space of 3,500 square meters for the storage of the semi-finished and ready-for-delivery products.

We also have an important warehouse that allows us to promptly meet our customers' requests. Our vehicles guarantee flexibility and promptness of delivery within the Italian territory.


We have globalized within our company every productive process necessary to achieve the qualitative, productive and economic goals that we have set.

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