O.M.S. presents the POP chair; comfortable, versatile and user-friendly.

The upholstered backrest allows a free color customization.

The range includes the following elements: two different backrest sizes, a seat with integrated shifter and a wide range of synchronized mechanisms compatible with the structure, all supported by the steady nylon base, perfectly matched with the chair design.


The right mechanism for every chair

The selection of the mechanism is essential for configuring a chair. The following mechanisms are available to combine a “Kit Pop”:

Self-weighting: M700
Synchronized: M400 - M401 - M600
“Plus” permanent contact: M225

Back and seat>

Synchronized movement of the back and seat

Choosing a synchronized mechanism allows the movement of the seat and backrest in a synchronized way, offering greater comfort.

The supporting seat, in reinforced polypropylene, has a 5-position translation system for a maximum of 60 mm of range.

The 80 x 6 mm steel up-down blade, with height adjustment up to 70 mm, guarantees ergonomics and good support.

The backrest is available in two high (wooden) or low (in reinforced polypropylene) versions, providing an excellent support for the back.


A solid foundation

For the “Kit Pop” we produce a 5-spoke nylon base, with a metal reinforcement ring.

Dismantling the product

The “Kit Pop” is not composed of co-printed materials, therefore its single parts can be easily disassembled and disposed of individually. We produce 70% of the “Kit Pop” with regenerated materials.

Technical Video


We have achieved the following certifications for the “Kit Pop”


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