Synchronized self-weighting

The self-weighting mechanisms adapt to the weight of the user of the chair. They combine the ergonomics and comfort of a mechanism with the synchronized movement of the seat and backrest.


The synchronized mechanisms allow the seat and back to move in harmony with the user's needs. Adjusting the intensity of the spring allows the mechanisms to be adapted to different users of the chair.


Asynchronous mechanisms allow the adjustment of the inclination of the seat and backrest independently. The wide adjustment range makes them suitable for many different environments, from the office to industrial workstations.

“Plus” permanent contact

The “Plus” permanent contacts combine the solidity of a mechanism with the simplicity of a spring-controlled backrest oscillation, lockable in multiple positions.


These are oscillating elements for armchairs and small armchairs. They allow to adjust the oscillation intensity with different locking options.

Permanent contact

The permanent contacts allow to adjust the inclination angle of the backrest. They are combined with a seat plate to form a simple but functional operative chair.

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