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Passion for movement

40 years of work, to make you sit comfortably.

We are curious and creative; we also like challenges and try to improve ourselves every day. These character traits are essential for our strategies, allowing us to produce mechanisms and components for your office chairs.

Significant numbers

20.000 sm

total area

2.000.000 pcs

supports for seats produced in 2018

550.000 pcs

backrest supports produced in 2018

From Italy to the world

Every single O.M.S. article is entirely produced in Italy.

A complete control of the production chain allows us great flexibility and the maintenance of high quality standards.
We are a favourable partner for research and development of custom solutions, helping the customer to obtain custom supplies or custom solutions.

We want to be close to our customers, offering support and answers.

Not just suppliers, but also strategic partners, builders of ideas before products.

We’ve been operating internationally for years, distributing our products both in Europe and in non-EU countries: product warranty and delivery guarantee.

The story of an adventure

O.M.S. was founded in 1980. It was located 50 km from Venice.

The man behind its foundation was Giovanni De Martin, an engineer driven by creativity, far-sightedness and desire for new opportunities; he sought a personal improvement in the rural condition in which he grew up, and to which he remained related anyway.

1980 - 1983

Supported by his wife, Mrs. Vilma Soldera, engineer De Martin started his business with a small shop in his home garage, where he performed sub-contract work for the household appliance field. In that period and in the following years, De Martin acquired many technical skills and an industrial mentality, which helped establishing the roots of the new O.M.S. and achieving its future market recognition.

1983 - 1986

The year 1983 marked a turning point. De Martin purchased some molds for the production of components for office chairs, and he started developing his own products for operative and office armchairs.

Since an expansion of the production area became necessary in 1986, the current office in San Vendemiano was purchased. It was a site that would be expanded over the years to reach its current size.

1986 - 1990

At the end of the 1990s, O.M.S. became the first European manufacturer of office chair seat plates. Production was enhanced with a new 800-ton mechanical press plant and a transfer mold for a completely stand-alone production of the plate.

The following years were characterized by the productive delocalization of many competitors. However, opting for a completely different approach, O.M.S. decided to remain anchored to the territory and rely on a 100% internal, integrated production. A strategy that, over time, proved highly succesful in terms of quality and flexibility.

2000 - 2007

In the 2000s, as De Martin’s children Marika and Michael entered the company, O.M.S. was certified ISO 9001 and a new managerial structuring process begun. Eng. De Martin decided to found another enterprise in the nautical field: the “Cantieri Navali Caorle”, which is still part of the group today.

In 2007, with O.M.S.’s decision to diversify its offer, the carpentry division was born. The company purchased the first laser cutting plant. Over the years, this carpentry division was equipped with new machinery and would reach a weight of 15% on the global turnover.

2007 - 2019

Over the past 15 years O.M.S. has focused on the development of mechanisms for chairs, which today represents the core business of the company.
At the same time, it maintains active relationships with world leading companies in the household appliance field, developing detailed items of high technical content.

Today the O.M.S. products have a international diffusion: they are sold in 21 countries in the world. Despite such a world-wide resonance, the company’s relationship with its Customers and Distributors remains always direct, for a smooth and efficient communication.


Develop and produce intuitive and functional mechanisms for ergonomic seats and workplaces


Being a reference partner for companies that develop seating for workplaces

ISO 9001:2015

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