Sustainable planning

Sustainable planning

Nowadays, careful planning is an essential element to take proper care of our Planet.

We asked our technicians a few questions; here is what Michael De Martin, R&D for O.M.S., told us.

  • Michael, sustainability and circular design represent two of the most topical and important issues in today’s society. What are your guiding principles in developing a new product?
  • R: The development of a product involves responsibilities, both in a functional sense and in terms of environmental sustainability. When we start developing something new, the key elements to consider are not only the strength and functionality the new product should have, but also the importance of disassembling it and properly recycling its components. In recent years, new eco-friendly materials have become available; such materials represent our first choice, whenever possible. Steel – our main work element – is a very easily recyclable material and the sheet metal coils we use include a very high percentage of recycled iron too.
    O.M.S. has always been attentive to production technology by maintaining a cost optimization policy but also by exploiting the resource of energy saving; fewer steps correspond to less energy use.


  • O.M.S. exports all over the world. What is your product transport policy, Michael?
  • R: First of all, all the materials used by O.M.S. are exclusively purchased in Italy, thus avoiding trans-oceanic transport of components. In my opinion, defining something “eco-friendly” also implies transporting it in an eco-friendly way, without wasting hectoliters of fuel. Packaging is also a key element: whenever possible, we use returnable packaging. It is also very important to optimize the ratio no. pieces / packaging volume.


  • Is durability a significant factor in product development?
  • R: Our focus is to produce very durable pieces, much longer lasting than the warranty terms. In fact, if you can postpone the scrapping of a chair, you are already embracing sustainability. Moreover, our production methods have always focused on limiting the use of materials. Cold forging, research and field experience on sheet metal deformation allow a major improvement in our production tools and help reduce the thickness of the raw materials used.



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