The OMS mechanisms: at the root of wellness

The OMS mechanisms: at the root of wellness

What does wellness mean to us?
It means being free to move and letting our thoughts wander far and wide.
Being careful and attentive to the world we live in.
Being committed to change and renewal, every day.
Developing primary and secondary relationships that help us live well.



The perfect balance: always focusing on motion and wellness, the OMS team works hard every day to make you all sit comfortably.
What is the key? We develop and produce ergonomic and comfortable mechanisms and components, capable of improving everyday life. Unlike their standard office counterparts, ergonomic chairs are designed with a series of adjustable features that allow for a healthy body posture.


The wide range of OMS products includes different types of mechanisms, all 100% made in Italy:

  • Logico (, an innovative device based on the active seating system that allows all types of front, side and rear movements of the seat;


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  • synchronized self-weighting, which automatically adjusts to the weight of the chair user, so as to achieve a correct balance between ergonomics and comfort;
  • synchronized, in which both the backrest and the seat follow the movement of the user’s body, thus balancing correctly the weight of the spine onto the chair;
  • non-synchronized, which features independent adjustments of the backrest and the seat, thus allowing to find the optimal static position of use;
  • permanent contact and permanent contact plus, in which the backrest is fully kept in contact with the body, thus properly supporting the user’s back;
  • oscillating, which allows the backrest to be swung and the seat to be moved forward or backward while keeping the angle fixed as needed.


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We give the utmost importance to the requests of our customers and to the feedback coming from the market. We keep a flexible approach and are willing to accept new challenges. OMS products are the result of study, research and innovation and aim to comply with the varied and specific needs of people.

OMS Passion for movement: we build ordinary things with extraordinary foundations.

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