How to Work Smart

How to Work Smart

In the last weeks, due to the restrictions derived by the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people have resorted to smart working, a revolutionary approach to work that is based on flexibility of place and schedule. Working remotely brings many advantages indeed, but it’s not that simple overall, especially when your home becomes your working environment.



Surrounded and enticed by potential distractions, the smart worker needs to find the full concentration and the most suitable room to be used exclusively as a home office.
Making this place a comfortable, practical and more professional environment is an excellent way to be motivated to give your best, increase your work output and make your goals easier to achieve.

First of all, set up your remote workstation properly. To create the right atmosphere, place on your desk all the stationery accessories you may need, then proceed to decorate it with some flowers or any object you like.
When you sit, make sure you choose a comfortable position with an ergonomic chair that keeps your back at ease and maintains the correct position of the spine.
To adjust  your seat is also important, as you may want to change the position, the height, the seat depth and the distance from the monitor.



Precautions should be taken regarding lighting as well: limit the brightness and contrast of the screen and optimize the diffused light in the room.

To be successful in smartworking, you need to be methodical and disciplined, set precise schedules, follow an action plan, but also make sure you take some breaks now and then. Get up from your chair, stretch your legs and have a snack; you need to take your mind off work, release tension, then you can start working with renewed energy.



One final rule: smartworking does not mean working 24 hours a day, therefore, once office hours are over, mute the phone, shut everything down and dedicate time to yourself, your family, your favourite hobbies and sports. But, please, do it in #istayhome mode!

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