Office chairs: when sedentariness meets dynamism.

Office chairs: when sedentariness meets dynamism.

The office is the place where we spend most of our 24 hours, every day. On average we sit at our desk for 8 hours a day… and our back is well aware of it!

For this reason it has become essential to pay the closest attention to the comfort of the chairs used in our workplaces, as they must equally combine good aesthetics with the functionality of the object itself. Ergonomic chairs are the ultimate solution for everyone who leads a static and sedentary lifestyle.

These chairs favor a correct posture, as they are specifically designed so as to adapt to the shape of the body and to guarantee the correct position of the spine. The essential element, however, remains comfort itself. Indeed an ergonomic chair is not a rigid element, but in fact a very dynamic one, as it can be adjusted to best suit every user’s needs. It allows adjustment of the overall height from the ground, but also of the seat depth and armrest position.

Thanks to the lumbar support, the user’s back lies on a conveniently broad and comfortable backrest. Thus you will be less inclined to bend your back while sitting, which will significantly reduce back strain and the possible onset of backache.

The body is negatively affected by sitting for many hours in the same static position, which is further aggravated by forgetting to release body tension, breathe properly and relax the muscles even for a few minutes, which we all often do when deeply focusing on work. To overcome this problem, many ergonomic office chairs are equipped with a reclining mechanism that follows our movements when we lean backwards, allowing us to stretch muscles and ligaments.

O.M.S.’s Passion For Movement project is focused on the research, development and implementation of innovative chair mechanisms that allow a full 360° movement. These devices, thanks to the “active sitting” effect, allow the user to sit and move at the same time, matching and following the body’s physiological need for movement. Capable of oscillating, rotating and swinging, they always get into the most suitable position, following our gestures and movements. Recyclable and eco-friendly materials are employed in the production of these chairs, and manufacturers always keep an eye on the style – typically stripped-down and minimal – as well as on the overall wellness and comfort of the users.

Sedentariness meets dynamism, finally.

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