More than just the office: let’s play together!

More than just the office: let’s play together!

Choosing the most suitable chair for your desk is extremely important. In fact, office workers spend most of their time sitting down.

User comfort, correct posture and the ability to concentrate at work – these are all aspects that should be carefully considered when choosing a chair. The key parameters are the quality of the materials, a good width / height / depth of the seat and adequate lumbar support.


The evolution of videogame industry has encouraged the production of gaming chairs. As today’s games are increasingly engaging and interactive, end users require chairs designed to offer top comfort and ergonomics.

Must-have features in a gaming chair include a reclining backrest and a set of strong, lockable mechanisms, essential points to ensure a better gaming experience as well as user comfort.

OMS has always been attentive to market trends and demands, which has led the company to conduct in-depth research on user needs and to open up to the world of gaming.


We are curious and creative. We like challenges and try to improve ourselves every day. These character traits are essential for our strategies, allowing us to produce mechanisms and components for your gaming chairs.

Thanks to our forty-year expertise and know-how, we have established ourselves as a reference partner for professional chair manufacturers.

Our mission is to develop and produce intuitive and functional mechanisms for ergonomic chairs and workplaces. This is now oriented towards the world of gamers.


In this context we have developed 4 mechanisms:

  • M600
  • M400
  • X117CV


M400 is a synchronized mechanism. It allows to move the chair as well as to adjust the backrest, offering you a complete customization of your comfort.



M600 features a synchronous mechanism that can be locked in 4 positions and unlocked with an anti-shock system.



X117CV features a system to adjust the inclination of the backrest – which allows you to enjoy your relaxation time, or to lock the chair in the operating position.



For more details on the products, please download the technical sheets and certifications.

The ability to develop, design and implement new projects with a tailor-made approach has led OMS to open up to new collaborations in the field of gaming chairs.

Please email us your requests; we are available and glad to provide further information or a quote for the development of new projects.
Together we can – and will – make it happen, even starting from scratch: the product that meets all your requests and needs.

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