Kit Pop: design your own chair

Kit Pop: design your own chair

Can style meet comfort?

It can indeed. O.M.S. presents “Kit POP”, a collection of chairs that are 100% custom-fitted to your needs.

You can choose between two different backrest sizes, each providing excellent support for your spine. Many different types of chair mechanisms are available as well, in a successful combination of ergonomics and comfort.
As you look up this new collection, feel free to choose and purchase just the single components that you actually need; with O.M.S. you can do so, as the company’s policy is based on a full understanding of customer needs.

At the core of O.M.S.’s philosophy are both the wellness of people and the respect for environment. This is clearly shown by the “Kit POP”: this product can be easily dismantled into single parts, each of them disposable of individually. 70% of the product derives from recycled materials.

The “Kit POP” stands out for many unique features: the synchronized movement of the back and seat, the solid nylon base and the wide range of colors you can choose from to custom your own chair.

Design, versatility, innovation, flexibility, coloring … Feel free to custom your chair the way you want, with comfort and sustainability as key elements!

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