Changing of office chairs components according to new standards

Changing of office chairs components according to new standards

We pay attention to your needs and we are changing the components according to new standards.

From September 2020 we have new standards for office chairs introduced from EN 1335.

This time all Europe is involved in the change, also the countries with more strong requirements on dimensions and duration.


The main reasons of the new EN1335-1 are two:

  1. the need of adapting to the average anthropometry populations: height, weight and positions. The new standard, indeed, is covering a wide range of people that goes from5 th to 95th percentile;
  2. new materials used in production of office chairs together with the technical development of office chairs seeing in the last 20 years. One example overall: the adjustable armrests on height, width and positions. The new standard helps to face these new situations.


The main technical changes are:

  • new range of office chairs adjustment;
  • new way of office chairs measure according to ISO 24496:2017;
  • new types of chairs: AX, A, B and C.


As consequences the manufacturers like us are approaching a new era marked on technical changing according to the new standards.

O.M.S. has already taken steps to change and offer components that comply with the new regulation.

In particular we are changing the height adjustment of backrest supports, reaching 70 mm of adjustment and we are changing the seat slide stroke of synchron mechanism M601from 60 to 70 mm.

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